Jenny Dell gets NFL Sideline Reporter Gig!

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Jenny Dell gets NFL Sideline Reporter Gig! – The Amazing Jenny Dell lands a great gig with CBS as an NFL sideline reporter. Watch out house wives of the NFL players  because here comes one of the biggest ” PLAYERS ”  in pro -sports – Lol… No seriously when she was was hired by the Red Sox she was given very strict rules on dating players but almost immediately she was making her moves on Will Middlebrook. We heard about it very early in the 2013 season but we could not get a second verification and we chose not to break the story…

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Given that multiple television outlets were interested in hiring Jenny Dell while she worked for NESN, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she found a new gig not long after leaving the network.

Dell, who became a popular TV presence in this market during her two years (2012-13) as the Red Sox in-game reporter on NESN broadcasts, has landed with CBS Sports, where she’ll serve as a sideline reporter during its NFL coverage this season.


The truth is, the actual BIGGEST PLAYER in Boston, sideline reporter,history may have been  “The Home Wrecker “Heidi Watney – Rumors are no one has ever made there way through the Red Sox lockerroom like she did… Just ask Jason Variteks X-WIFE…jason-varitek-heidi-watney-freeonlinepic

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Jason Varitek’s rumored girlfriend Heidi Watney is the NESN sideline reporter for all Red Sox games. Rumors of the two first began following what was described as “intimate conversations,” in a VIP room at a Baltimore bar following a game early in the 2008 season. Varitek’s ex wife Karen, was extremely active with the Red Sox wives charitable endeavors. The news of their divorce in 2008 surprised many in the community and the team. Rumors of Varitek and Watney’s relationship had been swirling for months prior to the divorce filings. – See more at: