Haven’t written in a while but I am officially back for the NBA season and I am dying to talk about all this Jimmy Butler bullshit. First things first, I am entirely, 100% team Jimmy Butler. The guy is a top 10 maybe even top 5 defenders in the NBA and he’s an absolute workhorse. Only a straight up Alpha Male would take the third string no names on the Twolves and pound the starters including Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins and then scream at the GM saying “You fucking need me.” Absolute beast. How can you blame this guy being pissed and demanding a trade? When you are as talented as KAT or Wiggins, all you need to do is put in half as much work as Jimmy Butler does and your a max player. Not that Kat and Wiggins aren’t already max players (because if you didn’t know, they are).

Now I’m hearing that Jimmy Butler is going to play in the season opener which is BANANALAND. And I got say it’s even more bananaland that the Wolves still haven’t traded him because frankly, Butler is a top 12 player and there are PLENTY of teams that would be happy to give up assets for him. Gotta start to think Thibs is behind all of this nonsense.

On another topic, not only is the NBA back today but the freaking Boston Celtics are back and I am happy as a clam. It’s been a long year since I cried my eyes out after watched Gordon Hayward snap his leg in half. But finally, I can sit down and watch him play a real, meaningful basketball game. And yes, I watched the preseason, wasn’t impressed but 1) it’s preseason so fuck off with the whole “There is lots of reason to be worried” bullshit and 2) I know Hayward looked like shit but if you really sat there and thought that after all this time the guy was just going to come back and be exactly the same as he was in Utah then you either don’t understand sports or you don’t understand what kind of injury Hayward was dealing with.

Now, onto my prediction for tonight. The Sixers are a team you just can’t underestimate because of all the raw talent they have. I know everyone including myself loves to joke around about how Simmons can’t shoot which although true, does not mean he isn’t a deadly player. We gotta play him the same way we played him the playoffs last year. There is no need to go into this game thinking we need to respect his jump shot. Gotta keep the Horford, Baynes, Theis type guys coming at him, forcing him to take tough shots. He’s a big guy but he will get tired quick. Force him to make tough passes and get him to turn the ball over. Embiid is going to get his points, we can respect that as long as we can keep the shooters at bay. I really don’t want to see Redick or Covington have a good game. They hurt us a ton last year in the playoffs. I’m expecting big games from Kyrie and Marcus Smart. This is Kyrie’s first game back from his surgery (minus preseason) and you can expect him to come out shooting. Last time we saw Marcus Smart he looked like he was about to actually murder JR Smith so expect him to come out looking to win, and to win big. I can’t wait to see him diving for loose balls and blocking shots. Such a fun player to watch. We could be watching a preview of the Eastern Conference Finals so there should be lots to take away from this one. Go Celts.

Photo: Sporting News