John Higgins’ Martini Mission Launches Espresso Martini Comeback


John Higgins began a mission to discover who had the best espresso martini last year. He made it into a contest and soon became an event.

*** The Winner is Bricco 🍸***

After 31 days and 89 bars visited and tasted, and 11 pounds gained, Glenn and his Espresso Martini edged out Abe & Louie’s for the BEST of the bunch.

“Thank you to everyone who helped with the taste testing and covering as many bars as possible!” — John Higgins

Best Espresso Martini Contest Facebook Page

My personal favorite was the one at Strip with Bricco coming in a close second:


With John having tasted almost 100 different espresso martinis, you have got to give his results a lot of consideration.

Today, I saw a post on Facebook (below) about the espresso martini comeback. John Higgins is a trailblazer, trendsetter and is the man who began this comeback.

Great job Higs. See you opening day a Fenway at The Baseball Tavern.


Can the Espresso Martini Make a High-Class Comeback?


An espresso martini is not the kind of drink you would have ordered at a serious cocktail bar a few years ago. To start, the main alcoholic ingredient is vodka — all but verboten at secretive bars that considered themselves to be among the mixological elite. It also has an air of frivolity to it, the kind of drink you’d order at a resort or on a cruise ship, more of a joke than a proper cocktail. But every good bartender knows that even the most reviled drinks can be saved if treated with the proper care and respect, and it seems the espresso martini is about to get the attention it’s been missing all these years.

“It is one of my favorite modern cocktails,” says Meaghan Dorman, who’s offered a version of the drink on her Dear Irving menu since opening nearly two years ago. “I have a rule that if I see an espresso martini on a menu I order it, for better or worse. I love to try different versions.”

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