Johnny Hickey finishes up latest MMA action film ‘House Rules’


Boston’s  film maker Johnny Hickey just wrapped principle photography on his latest crime drama he’s producing and co-starring in along with some names such as Tom Sizemore (HEAT, Black Hawk Down, Natural Born Killers), Robert Lasardo (Nip Tuck, Death Race 2000) and YouTube sensation/MMA fighter Dada 5000 who will be fighting Kimbo Slice this coming Friday via Belator on Spike TV.

The film follows the story of a young washed up UFC champion (Jamie Nocher) who returns home to Boston only to fall in the grips of a black market fight to the death club lead by WWE’s Kevin Nash.


Hickey’s connection to this film fell into place when he was reunited with his long time friend acting mentor Tom Sizemore at this last year’s Newport Beach Film Festival. The two lost touch during the trails and tribulations of Tom Sizemore’s drug addiction which pulled Tom from co-directing and playing his roll originally slated in Hickey’s epic crime drama Oxy Morons.

This past year, Sizemore stumbled upon Oxy Morons watching Hulu and was so blown away buy what the local indie film maker pulled off, that he decided to reach out to Hickey and bring him onto his Hollywood team lead by Charles Lago (Poli-Media) who now also representing Hickey’s acting/film making career.

Lago quickly found a place for Hickey in the MMA action film “House Rules” ironically written by local dentist/screen writer Eric Weinstock. Not only did Hickey land the role as the fight villain Mad Dog , he also stepped in as one of the top producers next to executive producer Timothy Beal and David Gere.

Soon into the production, Beal and Gere realized Hickey’s natural ability to direct very raw authentic fight scenes, it was found best for the film for Hickey to step and choreograph all the blood bath fight scenes.

“When I realized how important this element was to the production of this film, I did what my producer hat told me, I called up my homeboy and just so happen to be UFC fighter John Doomsday Howard to lead the team with me,” says Hickey.  Howard’s professional fighting background brought this film to a whole next level of authentic fight scenes. “Without Doomsday, I would have had to disappoint viewers with you typical bogus fight scenes, now you can’t tell if you’re really watching underground fighting or a movie.”

We’re told there is even a fight scene with Hickey and Howard that makes Jason Bourne look like the Karate Kid. “It makes a big difference when an actor like Hickey is willing to do some outrageous stunts and take a real punch in the face,” says Howard.

The film has wrapped production and has now entered the post stage with visual effects executive producer Scott Michelson (The Avengers, Avatar, 300). We can look to see Hickey’s latest action packed film late summer early fall, keep an eye on its status on “House Rules.”

House Rules