Dear Jae Crowder: Shut your mouth and play the game.

And let me get the insults toward me out of the way: “Stick to football,” “You’re not even a C’s fan,” and probably the worst one “you wouldn’t get it, you’re WHITE!” To which I say just because I write about football doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions on other sports. Also, because I’m not a Celtics fan means I can look at this objectively. And third? Race has LITERALLY nothing to do with this issue. Nothing.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, earlier this week the Utah Jazz came to Boston to play the C’s in a mundane January regular season game, except it was anything but mundane by the end. Star Small Forward Gordon Hayward comes out from the tunnel to start warming up and the crowd cheers him. He gets introduced later on and the crowd cheers him. Jae gets upset at some point because Hayward plays the same position as him and Crowder takes it as a sign of disrespect from the fans, so after the game this genius he takes to twitter to voice his frustration and annoyance with the fan base. In what situation have you seen that work out for any player ever? He fires back at the fans that troll him for bitching and moaning by saying if the fans don’t want him in Boston, he has no issues going somewhere else, so on and so forth. Genius Jae Crowder not only puts himself under the microscope for the wrong reasons in a city full of passionate fans, but now it’s being reported nationally and GM Danny Ainge along with head coach Brad Stevens now start answering questions about Jae’s actions, which is exactly what a GM and head coach want to do. What most morons like ESPN’s Bomani Jones fail to realize is that the Boston Celtics have been front and center in trade rumors to pry Hayward away from Utah, he’s a likeable player so why wouldn’t the crowd cheer for him? Newsflash Jae; you are not a better player than Gordon Hayward. You’re just not. You’re averaging 13 points, five rebounds and two assists per game, Hayward’s scoring 22 to go along with six and four this season. He’s just a better player. Any genuine fan of a team will tell you they’ll take the better statistical player ten times out of ten, it’s not even close.

Conversely, the false narrative being pushed by some (Celtics?) fans that Hayward is Brad Stevens’ former player at Butler and that’s why the fans want him in Boston is completely ridiculous. He’s a better player than you right now. He could help the Boston Celtics more than you could. It’s not about where he went to college, it’s not about race, it’s not even that C’s fans don’t want you here, Jae, it’s that Hayward is a better player. Do you think Jae was this upset when the C’s put on the full court press for Kevin Durant last offseason? No. Not even close. He’s said he wasn’t upset. He was even part of the pitch to sign KD. They play the same position though, why wouldn’t he be? Because make no mistake about it Jae, had the Celtics signed Kevin Durant you would’ve been traded or relegated to the bench. Is it about race to Jae Crowder? I don’t know. What I do know is he needs to be consistent in his reasons to bitch and moan. If you aren’t consistent you look like a hypocrite and nobody likes that.

These basketball players are getting paid a premium to go out and play the game. So, go out and play the game. Stop bitching and whining about who’s cheering for who and just play, Jae. I’ve never seen a player hit a three from the top of the key and on his way back down the court heckle the crowd… in a HOME GAME.

What the hell is going on here? It’s as simple as this, Jae; Boston Celtics fans love you. As long as you play your game, keep your mouth shut on social media, and continue to don the green, the fans will love you. Outside of KG and Paul Pierce (possibly Ray Allen), you don’t get the star treatment when you leave. If you want out of Boston because the fans cheered for a better player that’s been involved in trade talks with the team you play for for two full years? So be it, but if that’s the case you’re more of a mental midget then I thought. Basketball, like any major sport is a business. Players are involved in trade talks constantly, the uncertainty is part of the game Jae, and one reason why you get paid such a premium.

Ultimately the fans love your play, the team, and their future prospects for years to come. To many that includes the idea that trading for Gordon Hayward would help this team. Accept it and move on, Jae. Or jump on twitter again like a god damn crybaby. If you don’t want to play in this city because of something like this, you know what you have to do to make it happen. I don’t care about your fake comments a few days later in the media about how much you love the city and the fans, you showed your true colors earlier this week on social media.

Remember Jae, once you hit send, you can delete but someone is always there to capture it forever. And if I were a C’s fan, if that’s truly how you feel about fans cheering for someone else, if that’s the stance you’re going to take? I’d tell you to shut up and play. Good riddance.

And fantasy football sucks. That’s the mindset when you make the conference championship two years in a row and lose to the same guy. Go Patriots. And cheers!