No ten count here.

How do you go from spectacle to sport, and back again? Sports fans all over the world prepare themselves to watch one of the most hotly-anticipated boxing matches in ages. Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are two cosmically different fighters from two starkly contrasted disciplines of fighting.

Experts in the field predict a resounding victory for “Money Mayweather”, and some physicians feel it a foolish notion for McGregor to even step into the ring with his cut man. People are so ready for this fight. And, if the reaction to this week’s brawl between the Yankees and Tigers is any indication, folks just like fighting in general.

It would be an over-generalized statement to assert that the benches-clearing fight between Tigers and Yankees was an homage to the match out in Las Vegas, but perhaps it helped hone the right cross of Miguel Cabrera. In baseball, it’s simple: you throw at us, we throw at you, we fight. And if you throw at our heads, we fight a lot, and eight people get ejected.

Catharsis is a word that affects us in diverse ways on a daily basis. So, in that sense, perhaps that provides a baseline understanding of why we seek out watching others fight, so we don’t have to. Who doesn’t love a good stress reliever? Even you’ll get charged a minimum of $25 bucks at the door, depending on where you choose to watch the match.
As a spectator, and in the instances of violence in both sports, the levels of paradoxes is staggering. How can it feel good to watch athletes beat each other to a pulp? The answer is, it doesn’t. What we’re enamored by is the showcase of strength, agility, and endurance.
For the most part. The control in this experiment is the 2004, “Malice at the Palace” melee featuring The Indiana Pacers, and Detroit Pistons. That was an insatiable event to watch because it was such a train wreck. Furthermore, one must ponder the fact that in one sport, fines are assessed, and in the other, fighting is awarded with financial compensation.

The notion of individuals of varying, or even conflicting ideological view points coming together for a spectacle event is foreign. Society is in a station where even our most steadfast commonalities seem like differences. Events that afford you the opportunity to share a pint with someone you would otherwise not share a pint with, are not such a bad thing.

When you think about it, both fights, though diverse in their origins, were inevitable. The Tigers and Yankees have never liked each other. To just about every team, the Yankees come off has a silver spoon team that deserves a punch in the mouth every once in a while. Conversely, the Tigers are not only having a terrible season, but own an underdog complex, making them more likely to go looking for trouble. Mayweather and McGregor is all about showmanship, pay days, and the chance for vindication.

Like witnessing Rocky Balboa topple Ivan Drago, or getting to see Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn record the final out, we simply can’t resist a good catharsis. It grabs us by the collar and shows us what it feels like to be alive. And that’s one knockout of a concept.