Move over Tom Brady and Clay Buchholz, there’s a new Donald Trump supporter in the house.

The Patriots owner broke his silence on his relationship with The Donald to the Boston Globe with the Massachusetts presidential primary just one day away.


It’s as much as a coincidence as Brady having a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap in his locker at Gillette last season.

Kraft praised Trump as “a very close friend of mine for over two decades,” in a statement to the Globe on the eve of Super Tuesday. “While I am not comfortable discussing politics publicly, I am very comfortable talking about my friendships with people who happen to be in politics.”

Kraft went on to tell the Globe that the two of them “have had a lot of fun together socially, including a very memorable evening in 2005 when I had the privilege of being at his and Melania’s wedding.”

Trump was also there for Kraft after the Patriots owner’s wife Myra died in 2011 and the two business titans also worked together on a number of philanthropic events, according to the statement.

The Sullivan family — who owned the Patriots in 1988 — approached Trump about purchasing the Patriots, but Trump passed on the opportunity as his team did not feel it was a good financial investment.

“Donald had a real interest and he felt the Sullivan family was honorable in their dealings with him,” a source close to Trump told the Globe last year. “But his people told him between the team and the stadium there was $104 million in debt, and that was too much for him to handle.”

Kraft would go on to purchase the Patriots for $172 million in 1994. The team is now valued at $3.2 billion.

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