Patriots owner Robert Kraft speaks at the NFL owners meetings in San Francisco, Tuesday, May 19, 2015. (AP Photo)

Patriots owner Robert Kraft met the media today at the NFL owners meetings in Boca Raton, Florida and revealed a new Deflategate factoid.

Kraft told the assembled media that he “personally wrote a letter to” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last month stating the team’s case why Goodell should return the two draft picks the Patriots lost in the wake of Goodell’s Deflategate ruling. Kraft said the letter was responding to Goodell’s past comment that “if any new facts came up, he would take them into consideration.” Goodell docked the Patriots their first round pick this year and a fourth round pick in the 2017 draft. Patriots Nation has been up in arms about it, especially now that the draft draws near.

“I personally believe that when the league made their decision, they did not factor in the Ideal Gas Law,” Kraft said. “They admitted that publicly. They had a full year of being able to observe Tom Brady play with all the rules of whatever the NFL was, and make any judgments there. We have laid it out pretty straightforward and now it’s up for them to decide.”

Earlier this month, the Patriots released an update to their “The Wells Report in Context” webstite with a new entry titled “The Background and Myths of Deflategate — Separating Fact From Fiction’’ that defends the team against the NFL and Goodell. The entry contains 15 “myths” written to challenge the NFL’s Deflategate allegations.

One of the myths insistes “this situation would have been brought to a quick close if the League had even a general awareness of the scientific impact of temperature and weather conditions on the PSI of footballs at the time of the AFC Championship Game.’’

When pressed on the never-ending controversy at the Boca Raton resort, Kraft admitted he is still thinking about the lost draft picks.

“I pray and desire the draft picks back,” said Kraft. “We understand the importance of having the picks back. We have done everything we can.” Kraft did not say if he received a response from Goodell and said the case is in the hands of the league.

Kraft indicated that he didn’t sense that his fellow owners were interested in challenging the commissioner to overturn the penalties.

The topic of Rob Gronkowski’s contract came up in the 13-minute presser. Gronk sent out a tweet earlier this month after the team picked up his option indicating in a passive aggressive way that he is well aware that he taking a pay cut for the next four years.

Yesterday at the owners meeting, Gronk’s talkative agent Drew Rosenhaus had little to say to CSNNE’s Tom Curran about Gronk’s contract.

Kraft said it appears to him that Gronk is happy and every time he sees him he is all smiles and gives him a big hug.  We will see where this goes, but my sense is that Rob Gronkowski wants a new deal sooner rather than later.

The Patriots owner was also asked if he was disappointed at how the NFL managed the league’s new football testing procedures and handled the PSI readings from the 2015 tests.

“They did their own testing, they have results, and for whatever reason, they haven’t shared them with any of us,” said Kraft. “We actually requested at the beginning of the season that they test every game throughout the league and do that, but they chose to do it their way.”