Two of the most disappointing performers in the Patriots 2015 campaign were released today.

Both tight end Scott Chandler and wide receiver Brandon LaFell have been handed the pink slip by the Patriots.

Chandler was expected to come to New England this past season, offer a dual threat alongside Rob Gronkowski. Chandler was also expected to become a security blanket for quarterback Tom Brady if Gronkowski would succumb to injury again. Chandler never materialized consistent production for the Patriots and as a result saw limited playing time by the end of the year.

LaFell was signed to the Patriots in 2014. He had seven touchdowns in his first season but none in his entire 2015 campaign. LaFell’s season started later than anticipated due to injury and he never really caught up to speed with Brady or the offense and made the highlight reel for some infamous drops when he returned to the field.

Scott Chandler is 30, and Brandon LaFell is 29. Both players have their best years behind them. Bill Belichick has decided to move on without the aging targets. With several other options on the free agency market, this move makes a lot of sense for the Patriots as a team. LaFell is leaving the franchise after two seasons, Chandler after only one.

Business is business.