For the past year, Deflategate has been the annoying debate that never seems to go away. Now a small group of Patriots fans is attempting to prolong the court proceedings.

They have organized a lawsuit claiming that Roger Goodell and the NFL violated the RICO, MCPA acts, and inflicted emotional distress on fans. If Deflategate wasn’t already enough of an embarrassment, the plaintiffs are really only making it worse.

According to NESN, “Plantiffs have dealt with embarrassment, ridicule, and depression due to the rest of the country who is jealous of the Patriots ‘piling on’ and criticizing the Patriots and their fans for being ‘cheaters’” Lead plaintiff, Todd Orsatti, claims that his daughter won’t attend games with him anymore due to the NFL’s infliction of emotional distress.

Unfortunately for the rest of New England, the group of has chosen to call themselves “New England Patriots fans.” Now even the common Pats fan has to be linked toward this foolish indiscretion. There is just no prayer that this case ends up anywhere productive for fans, players, or ownership.

According to Josh Lewin of Bowditch & Dewey, “You can’t seek relief in court for an injury that someone else suffered. The court won’t let people do that.” It’s almost close to certain that this case will never make it to court.

Making matters worse, it seems as if the plaintiffs formulated the lawsuit themselves. The group claims that the NFL violated the RICO act, which is usually charged against criminal mob bosses and drug kingpins. The suit also claims that Goodell committed breach of contract between NFL and Patriots fans. Also, the group claims they were victim of fraud, negligence, and emotional distress. All a stretch.

It’s a reach to expect this case to be seen in a court room. The claims are so far-fetched, one might wonder if maybe it was an elaborate troll of other teams and fans across the country. The suit claims that other team’s fans “are just jealous” of New England.

Should this lawsuit be seen as an elaborate troll of other franchises? Or is that giving football fans too much credit? Are some fans really this far out there?

They are.

Newsflash: Robert Kraft already accepted the loss of draft picks and the $1 million fine. Patriots fans need to acknowledge that the draft picks are gone forever and Kraft has likely already paid the fine. Other team’s fans may certainly wish they had New England’s success. However, it’s much more plausible that people hate Pats fans for other things like Spygate, Belichick’s grumpy attitude, and asinine lawsuits like this.