FOXBOROUGH — When the names on the Patriots defense are rattled off, one player who often gets overlooked is corner Logan Ryan. Devin McCourty is an elite free safety and Malcolm Butler is a Super Bowl hero and number one corner, not leaving much attention to be paid to Ryan. Despite this, Ryan has quietly been a very good player for the Patriots and has established himself as good NFL corner who is an excellent tackler.

His teammates are aware of Ryan’s value and he doesn’t focus much on who gets the most attention from media and fans.

“As a competitor and as a cornerback you have to have a lot of confidence. I view myself up there with everybody,” Ryan said. “We each have our own jobs and our own jobs so no matter what Malcolm’s doing or Devin’s doing or anybody’s doing, we each have our own game that we have to win. That’s what makes a good secondary and we’re trying to be a good secondary, a good defense and a good team. The accolades come with winning so we’re just trying to keep on winning.”

A major positive for New England is that most of their defense returns intact in 2016. For Ryan, instead of developing chemistry with a large group of new teammates, he instead acclimating himself back into the group he has won with before.

“That’s exactly what it has been, getting back in the swing of things. Competing everyday and building a bond with these guys. I’m fortunate to have played with a bunch of these guys for the last couple years and the newcomers are coming along. To come out and compete in this atmosphere, if you like football you can’t ask for anything better,” Ryan said.

He also added: “It’s day two. We’re just trying to build off what we have now with the group of guys we have. We’re just trying to play together and have a lot of fun together.”

With a secondary that features Ryan, Butler and McCourty, the Patriots will be well positioned to lock teams down this season. It will be even more vital the first four weeks of the season, when the offense works under a quarterback not named Tom Brady for the first time since 2008. The group isn’t focused on that at this point, but as each day goes by in camp, their potential as a unit and as a defense will become more and more clear.