The Billmeister is Makin’ Copies

"I can just Xerox you a copy of the game plan and you can just send it over to Kansas City... I mean, it might be easier for all of us." -- Bill Belichick


Bill Belichick is an original, and now he’s talking about making copies… of his game plan against the Chiefs.

In Thursday’s presser, Belichick was naturally pressed about Chandler Jones’s all-night drug-induced shirtless, shoe-less, dazed and confused walk to the Foxboro police station.

Belichick attempted to get out in front of the situation in his opening statement.

“Well first of all, relative to Chandler’s situation, you know there’s nothing more important to me personally than the health and well-being of our players, staff, and support people in the organization,” Belichick said. “That’s the way it is with this organization and me personally and I don’t think that will ever change. We issued a statement on that and I really don’t have anything to add to it.”

After a mind-numbing question by the Herald’s Rich Thompson about how Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton aligns his front seven, the questions everyone wants answered began to roll in. And the coach went into full deflection mode.

Belichick was asked about how he balances caring about players no matter what’s going on in their personal life — problems, girlfriends, dating, relationships, family issues — and making sure they’re focused.

“That’s what we do,” Belichick said. “Every situation’s different and right now our focus is on Kansas City.”

ESPN’s Mike Reiss did his best to keep the focus on Chandler Jones asking: “How much will what happened affect your usage, the way you use him in the game against the Chiefs… what happened on Sunday with him?”

“We’ll find out on Saturday,” Belichick said adding the line of the day, “I can just Xerox you a copy of the game plan and you can just send it over to Kansas City… I mean, it might be easier for all of us.” Zing.

Next attempt: “Do you think the fans have a right to know what happened with Chandler on Sunday?”

“I’ve already covered this,” Belichick stonewalled in true Belichickian fashion.

CSNNE’s Tom E. Curran probed more on the medical situation and if the coach goes more deeply into it. Belichick again replied, “I’ve already covered it… I just answered the question.

“I said there’s nothing more important than the health and well-being of our staff and players, so to me that covers it.”

CSNNE’s Mike Giardi attempted to keep Belichick’s feet to the fire asking if he was disappointed that the Jones situation came up so close to…”

And with that, the Patriots head coach had had enough, asking: “Are there any more questions about the Chiefs here, the rest of it I’m done talking… we issued a statement, that’s it.”

And that concluded the Chandler Jones portion of the press conference.

One reporter did ask how Belichick injured his eye, but also made the mistake of coupling it with a question about how his eye was feeling.

Belichick would only reply, “Great.”

So it’s officially off of Chandler Jones, and on to Kansas City.

Update: Not so fast. The Foxboro police released documents detailing the bizarre Jones incident.