MassNightly: CBS Scene with a Patriot Surprise


Tuesday night is trivia night at CBS Scene in Foxboro. But this wasn’t any ordinary trivia scene. This night featured no other than the New England Patriots Cheerleaders!


These beautiful ladies roamed the first floor signing autographs and talking about their past and present experiences with the New England Patriots. The trivia was sports-based and featured everything from the World Cup to Cheerleading (Good thing we had some girls on our team, I couldn’t name the 3 ‘Bring it on” sequels for the life of me).


Although Team MassNightly finished in a disappointing 4th place, it was great to see the ladies that represent one of the greatest franchises in history. For more deals and events that are happening at CBS Scene, Check out our free mobile app “MassNightly” for all Iphones and Android markets!

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