The MassNightly Show: Bar Up App 7-11-14


The Bar Up App.

The days of wanting to go out on a weekday, but can’t find a packed bar are over… well, about to be over. The Bar Up App, created by Jimmy Aird and Alex Chin, is aiming to solve the problem that most bar goers have during the weekday. Where can I grab drinks in the city that has the atmosphere of a weekend?

So I know there are some readers who are saying “Why would I want to go out on a weekday? I have to be up at 6am and that’s a struggle in itself.” I’ve asked the same question to myself when I first read about the app. But the more I looked into it, the more it made sense.

People have bad days, people are tired of their job, and some people just need a Wednesday night to break up the week to make it go by just a little faster. Jimmy and Alex are aiming to send you a message directly to your phone informing you of what bar they are going to pack. No more sitting in a bar with 10 people in it, praying a group of single girls/guys walk through. From college kids, young professionals and even the older crowd, this mobile app aims to please everybody.

We had a chance to interview Jimmy and Alex and talk about their product. As we know from starting MassNightly, building a business from the ground up is a struggle. The right team, the right product and the market needs to suitable for a company to be successful.

We also touch on some marketing points using social media ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and how its affected both of our companies as start ups. Another point that was brought up is “Gorilla Marketing”. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Gorilla marketing is shying away from a marketing plan and just free styling (Giving out cards with your logo, putting stickers on things, using social media in an unusual way). The Bar Up App guys detail how they have used Gorilla marketing to help get registrations.

bar up

Be on the lookout for the Bar Up App release in early August 2014 as a highly anticipated mobile app that is going to reshape the Boston Nightlife!