MassNightly: “Where’s a Fun Place To Go In Boston?”


Every week at Massnightly we get an inquiry that sounds something like this: “Where is a fun place to go in Boston?” Me personally, I can have fun in a dive bar with 3 of my buddies watching a game or listening to live music. This is probably not the answer that most people are looking for. What I think they mean to ask is “What is a place with cheap drinks, great live music/DJ and somewhere people will laugh WITH the drunk version of me, not AT it.”

To solve these questions, the MassNightly team is going to help you. Using our experience, each week we are going to bring you full coverage of different bars and restaurants in Boston. We aren’t here to tell you which places suck or not- as different people are attracted to different scenes. We are simply going enlighten you about the pros and cons of each bar/restaurant that we have encountered working in the city. This includes everything from the long lines, the kind of people that the venue attracts and even if you should hit the ATM several times to stack up on cash.

We’ll cover all the big name bars, so if there’s ever a debate on where to go, use our write-ups as a personalized “Nightlife Handbook.”

Also we’ll be raffling off prizes each week along with each post, so be sure to follow our social media accounts( ‘@Massnightlyinc’ on Twitter, ‘Massnightly’ on Facebook and ‘Massnightly’ on Instagram). Look for our first post later on in the week!

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