MassNightly’s Nightlife Guide: Howl At The Moon


For our first edition of our “Nightlife Guide” we are featuring one of Boston’s most popular bars, Howl at the Moon!

Howl at the Moon, located at 184 High Street, is Boston’s premier bar for work parties, bachelorette parties or even some old fashion fun.

Featuring two live dueling piano’s, songs are played upon request by YOU! Whether it is a slow song by Bruno Mars, or a rock jam by Guns and Roses- there are no limits to what can be requested.

The crowd ranges from ages 21-30 years old. As mentioned, perfect place for a bachelorette party or a birthday celebration. Personalized shout-outs on stage are encouraged to make sure the celebration is known throughout the bar.

The bathrooms in Howl are easily the cleanest/nicest in the city. For a bar that attracts a young crowd, one would figure there would be paper towels everywhere and a graveyard of beer bottles. Howl does a great job maintaining the cleanliness of their bathrooms.

Beer prices range from $4-6, which is right in the norm of other bars in the area. Now lets get to the pros and cons!

Live Music- The live band encourages bar-goers to get involved and request music. One of the few places in the city where you can also write personalized messages on the wall!

live band howl

Buckets- Enjoy a giant house-made fruity bucket! For 3-4 people to share or if your daring enough to buy one for yourself,  it will last a whole night! Prices for the buckets are around $25.

howl bucket

Dance floor/Place to socialize- The thing I’ve always enjoyed about Howl, is I can dance near the stage or walk away and socialize. Tables outline the outside of the bar so your not always feeling crammed on the dance floor.

howl empty

Long line- If your don’t get there at or before 9, put your waiting pants on. If it’s raining out, put your waiting rain pants on. Wait times range from 25-30 mins. Although, I have noticed Howl doesn’t “force” the line, as most bars do. The place is truly packed, so GET IN EARLY!

This is the only Con I could really pull out from Howl. Everything else from bartenders, to my overall experience has been consistent. Let me know your thoughts! Leave a comment down below to tell us your experience at Howl at the Moon.

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