Massnightly’s Wing King : Buff’s Pub

Buff’s Pub

Crisp, Tender and Dripping with flavor.

The best and only way to describe these wings. We’ve heard the buzz about Buff’s Pub’s wings and decided it was time to descend the Wing King upon them.

Who: Buff’s Pub
Where: 317 Washington Street, Newton, MA
Flavor: Medium Buffalo, Honey Hot, Honey BBQ

Buff's Pub Wing Menu
Buff’s Pub Wing Menu

Kings Korner
“The moment I set foot in Buff’s Pub, I could smell the delicious award winning wings. Sure they have a menu with various options but if you want to be a man and put hair on that chest, skip the salad and hit the wings!

First lets talk about the atmosphere of Buff’s Pub. Booths along the wall, tables in the middle, and a bar that seats roughly 12. PERFECT! The noise level is loud enough where you don’t have to scream, but quiet enough where the people next table over can’t hear your conversation. The background music kept the toes tapping and the enthusiasm by Manager Dave and Chris kept the whole restaurant upbeat. I felt like I was in my own little wing “happy place”.

Buff's Pub
Buff’s Pub

On to the wings!

Honey BBQ, Honey Hot, Medium Buffalo
Honey BBQ, Honey Hot, Medium Buffalo

Medium Buffalo- Award winning wings for a REASON! They don’t get any better than this. In my wing crusade, these wings are hands down best wings I’ve been blessed with. They were all around crispy- not the outside crispy, inside barely cooked that you see at most places.

Honey Hot- These wings start with sweet tangy beginning then have a minor kick when it all settles in. The heat isn’t overwhelming-  I would compare it to the medium spice.

Honey BBQ- Typical Honey BBQ taste, sauce way layered nicely on the wings.

Buff's Pub is Wing King approved!
Buff’s Pub is Wing King approved!

All in all, Buff’s Pub is a MUST if you are in the Boston area and have a hankering for wings. Without a doubt Buff’s Pub is Wing King approved 100%. #KingOut”

*Side Note- The building itself is in a strip of businesses with same color signs. Very Easy to miss. Parking can be found either on the street or there is meter parking behind the building. We had no trouble finding parking.

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