Massnightly’s Wing King vs Fat Cat



Kings Korner

Who: Fat Cat Restaurant
Where: 24 Chesnut Street Quincy, MA

“We took a step away from challenges this week and ventured over to Quincy, MA. Here we found the “Fat Cat” restaurant. The buzz has been spreading about their tasty chicken wings, and I’m all over that! Flavor weeks are just as good as challenge weeks!

The great thing about the Fat Cat’s wings, are the ability to mix and match flavors. Out of the 10+ sauces, you can combine 2 flavors to create your own piece of perfection. Our 3 orders of wings consisted of:

XXX– Not as hot as I thought they would be. But be warned, don’t order these for ladies night!

Honey Mustard + BBQ Combo– Goes together like peanut butter and jelly…or spring break and bad decisions. Either way the sweetness from the honey mustard plus the old fashion BBQ taste was a hit- this combo is a MUST!

Sesame + Dry Cajun– Tasted like a “wannabe” teriyaki wing. It had decent flavor but we recommend you try other flavor combo’s before this one.


Massnightly's Wing King APPROVES the Fat Cat!
Massnightly’s Wing King APPROVES the Fat Cat!

The King gives the Fat Cat a thumbs up for its ability to mix sauces and its great portion of meat on the wing. An order of 50 wings  goes for ($32) which are great for dine-in or take out! Make your next wing visit at the Fat Cat and see what all the hype is about!

Waiter Wendell and Massnightly’s Wing King

We also want to give a quick shout out to our waiter Wendell! Great service should be recognized and Wendell made our experience at the Fat Cat epic! Great food and great people!”

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