Massnightly’s Wing King


Ladies and Gentleman, meet Massnightly’s newest addition: Jim “The Wing King”.

Meet Jim "The Wing King"
Meet Jim “The Wing King”

Jim has joined the Massnightly team to analyze and give his take on all the various wing specials around Massachusetts. From flavors to spices, the Wing King will give you all you need to know about your local chicken wing deals.

Our First Mission: CBS Scene
Where: 200 Patriot Place Foxborough, MA
When: All Day on Thursdays
Wing Special: ALL YOU CAN EAT for $10.50

King’s Korner
“Our first wing encounter was a successful one. The first thing I noticed about the wings was the size of the drumstick and the wing. These birds are no joke at CBS Scene! We were presented with 5 different flavors: Jamaican Jerk, Parmesan Garlic, BBQ, Sweet Chili Garlic Glazed and Honey Buffalo.”

Jim "The Wing King"
Jim “The Wing King” With 5 variations of wings

Buffalo- Every restaurant has there own definition of “Buffalo” in the sense of heat. CBS Scene’s was that of “Honey Buffalo”. Overall, it didn’t have much kick to it, but rather a sweet bite to it. The king says BRING THE HEAT!

Jamaican Jerk- Had a dry coating, more like a spice rub as opposed to a sauce. Spicy and delicious!

Sweet Chili Garlic Glaze- Reminded me of a spicier version of General Tsao’s chicken. Medium heat with a tangy sauce.

Parmesan Garlic- Buttery taste, with a mild spice from the garlic. The taste of these wings will never get old. Easily could have eaten 100 of these.

BBQ- Old fashion barbeque kick with a mild spice. These are the kind of wings the “wet naps” are made for. CBS Scene does these wings perfectly and they are undoubtedly, my favorite during my visit.”

Kings Recommendation

Jim "The Wing King"
Jim “The Wing King” highly recommends you try these wings!

Make your Thursday a CBS Scene night and enjoy all the wings you can put down for only $10.50! Rumor has it there might be a wing wall of fame going up soon and you can expect the King will be back! You can find many deals like CBS Scene’s “all you can eat wing specials” on our mobile app “Massnightly” FREE for the Iphone and Android app stores.