Tom Brady has had perhaps the greatest season ever assembled for a 39 year old quarterback. His assumed demise due to wear and tear has showed zero signs of surfacing and he has become one of the NFL favorites to win the award for MVP.

Despite throwing for only two interceptions, 28 touchdowns, and 3,554 yards, Brady is still not as deserving as Matt Ryan. Boston College’s Matty Ice has brought the Falcons out of the gutter. Without his impact on this season, Atlanta would likely not even be near playoff contention.

Brady’s deflategate suspension hurt his bid to be awarded MVP. In the four games without Brady, the Patriots won three. A third string rookie quarterback led the way when Jimmy Garopollo was injured. New England showcased their ability to win without the presence of Tom Brady. The strong Patriots team was so stacked that they shutout the playoff bound Texans 27-0.

Ryan excelled in the spotlight against a tougher schedule than Brady. He faced six top ten NFL defenses and his passer rating in those games was 102.9. Ryan also led a team that wasn’t nearly as talented or well coached as Brady’s. Despite these challenges he threw for 38 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, and 4,944 yards in 16 games.

Even though Brady had a phenomenal year it’s not fair to say he was more valuable to the Patriots than Ryan was to the Falcons. It’s difficult to penalize Brady for missing four games but his backups managed to go 3-1 without him, proving the Pats could win regular season games without their starting quarterback.

If the Patriots had pulled out the win against the Seahawks and went undefeated with TB12 it may have been a slam dunk for Brady to take home MVP. Considering this loss and the weaker status of the Falcons team Matt Ryan should be favored to win MVP. It is this same consideration that will hurt Ryan when it comes to playoff time. He will have to do more than Brady to bring his team deep into the playoffs. The depth of the Patriots is so strong that it hurts Tom when it comes to MVP award contention.

The MVP award is an individual accomplishment. Brady will gladly trade in the rights as most valuable player in favor of the Patriots depth that will lead them deeper than Atlanta in the playoffs.

Brady and Bill Belichick have their eyes on a much more important prize: the Lombardi Tropy.