Kiss 108’s Mikey V and actor Johnny Hickey Going LIVE with Dirty Water Fridays
“Top of The Greatest” at The Greatest Bar
This past Friday night The Greatest Bar was the place to be, a fully packed house with beautiful party-goers and the kick off for local personalities Kiss 108’s Mikey V and his co-host award-winning filmmaker/actor Johnny Hickey. The two went LIVE with their Dirty Water Fridays pre-party with a LIVE video webcast that they will be airing every Friday night to display their crazy antics and promote what they have going on around town that weekend.  Make sure you tune in for all the fun! This dynamic duo are the voice of Boston’s young, hot, what’s goin’ on, hip crowd and its a ton of fun watching them make things happen LIVE on the web.
The two were also utilizing the night as pre-production for their current docu-series #WhatEvaYouWant which follows Mikey V through his days as an on air radio personality to hosting the best night life events Boston has to offer. The show is being directed by Hickey and produced by Mood Swing Moving Pictures, which is also responsible for this year’s Way Of Life Tour. Hickey is also coming off the production of his newest feature film “House Rules” and a supporting role in “Stronger” alongside Jake Gyllenhaal.

“Talking on the radio and hosting nightlife is a fraction of what’s going on here with this show,” says Hickey.  “It’s something very surreal and organic to Boston that Mikey and I get to do what we love in entertainment right here in our own city.  I am honored and pumped that Mikey has teamed up with me to bring it all to life.”
The behind-the-scenes of #WhatEvaYouWant makes shows like the Real World look like the Disney Channel. The show will feature the crazy crew of promoters, supporters and friends that run around with the duo, along with cameo appearances from celebrities and personalities who they have become friendly with over the years as local celebrities. For example, UFC veteran John Doomsday Howard, who has an upcoming fight on October 7th via The World Series of Fighting, will most definitely be making a cameo on the new show.
“Reality TB has struggled to portray something cool about the Boston crowd for some time now.  I think that our Boston production team and the personalities we will be featuring that we finally have a really cool view of what goes on both behind and infront of the scenes in of Boston’s hottest media, entertainment and nightlife. File this one under “Going Places”.