Everyone has had an opinion on Deflategate.

And Chris Long, the newest member of the New England Patriots, had one from the start that made the most sense of anything I have read or heard on the matter.

The week before Super Bowl XLIX, Long wrote an eloquent article for the Players’ Tribune that came to the defense of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

“Let’s get down to it: this story isn’t as much about air pressure as it is about the cult of the New England Patriots,” Long wrote. “The Patriots are really good at two things: winning football games and not giving a shit what you think about them. This modus operandi has earned the Patriots an equal number of fans and haters.”

Long’s intelligent thinking comes from the perspective of someone who is playing the game. He did not rant and rave — yes we’re talking about you ESPN — trying to twist the facts to make the Patriots seem guilty. He did not rely on unnamed sources who were more interested in trying to advance their own agendas than get to the truth  — yes that’s you again, ESPN.

All Long did was write a rational, thought provoking piece that showed what an intelligent young man he is.


I am not sure how good of a situational defensive end Chris Long will be for the Patriots, but he is already the best football writer in town.