Miller Time: Just Say No to Dwight Howard

Houston Rockets' Dwight Howard (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Dwight Howard to the Celtics? Just say no!

The New York Daily News reported today that the Celtics and Rockets had very preliminary trade talks to bring Howard to Boston.

Danny don’t do it.

Howard, to put it bluntly, is a loser.

His teams have made one NBA Final in his career where they lost to the Lakers in five games. He came into the league with immense physical ability but that million dollar body comes with a two-cent head.

Howard has never worked at his game to make himself better. Instead, he has always got by on his physical strength and athletic ability. But at the age of 30 with back and knee injuries, Howard is now on the downside of his career. This year he is averaging 32 minutes a game, scoring 14.4 points a game the lowest since his rookie year. His block shots and rebounds are also down from his career average. And don’t get me started about his foul shooting where he is a liability at the end of games. For that production, Howard is making $22.4 million this season and has a player option for $23.3 million for next season, an option he is certain to decline so he can be a free agent when the salary cap is expected to skyrocket.

The days of a dominant big center in the NBA are over. The game is dominated by skilled wing players with speed and athleticism. Dwight Howard at this stage of his career becomes more of a liability than an asset.

The Celtics have a good thing going here. They have a chance to be one of the top 3 or 4 seeds in the East and have home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. They do not need Dwight Howard on the court, or his immature personality in the locker room.

So, Danny Ainge: Just say no to Dwight.