Miller Time: Pimping Out Their Rides Is a Bad Look for Red Sox Players


After finishing in last place for the second straight season, and with a payroll in excess of $200 million dollars last year, you would think we would be hearing stories of how hard our boys of summer are working to get ready for the season as we approach Spring Training.

Instead of getting ready for the season, it seems Red Sox players are getting ready for a car show. Alex Vega, owner and operator of The Auto Firm near Miami, told WEEI with Rob Bradford, Butch Stearns and John Tomase that the Sox players like to one up their teammates when it comes to their cars.

“It’€™s mind-blowing to me sometimes because they buy a brand new car, make it really nice and then six, seven months down the line somebody else gets something similar and they want to up it,” Vega said. “It’€™s like a competition between all of them.”

Vega told WEEI that he has done customized cars for Pablo Sandoval, Hanley Ramirez, Rusney Castillo, Brock Holt, and minor league bonus baby Yoan Moncada. So what do these players like in their rides?

Castillo dropped $85,000 to upgrade his $84,000 Porsche 911 Turbo that not only shoots flames out the back, but has his uniform number light up on the front of the car, and on the ground underneath vehicle when the doors are opened.

Ramirez’s Lamborghini also has the ability to shoot flames out the back.

Holt goes against the grain for most, bringing in Jeeps, upgrading the look, but not altering the Jeep appearance.

Sandoval? “Crazy. I love these guys. He’€™s just a unique guy,” Vega said. “Spur of the moment type of guy. He showed up with two of his Range Rovers I built for him that I want to change up the rims for spring training. Next thing you know he sees a [Mercedes] G63 I have outside. He says, ‘Man I love that car,’ drives it, trades in one of the Range Rover, takes the [Mercedes] G-Wagon.”

Moncada not only is in the market for one of Vega’s customized, $175,000 vans, but already has a BMW which glows in the dark.

OK, this is America — and you can spend your money any way you like — but some of these vehicles are just over the top gluttony. Not a good look, especially for Sandoval and Ramirez who were awful in their first season in Boston.

Instead of pimping their rides, maybe they should worry more about their day jobs.