All of New England is left looking for answers regarding the Patriots 41-33 Super Bowl loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night, but the one answer Patriots Nation is really digging for is why didn’t Malcolm Butler play a single defensive snap in Super Bowl LII?

It’s a real shame for Butler, who went from Super Bowl Hero just three years ago, to Super Bowl Zero just a few years later after giving one hundred percent every snap and playing with the competitiveness the Patriots ask for ever since his famous interception.

However, a lot changed in the past year, after Stephon Gilmore’s huge contract, the most money ever given to a Patriots defensive player, Butler and his agent showed signs of disappointment from the Patriots. However, Butler did what he is famous for doing and that was playing hard this season, knowing he would be cashing in this off-season as he is now an unrestricted free agent.

However, lets fast forward to this past Sunday:

Pregame, as we watched for a hopeful Tom Brady sixth ring, we also saw Butler crying on the sidelines prior to kick off, little did we know, it was because he had just found out he would be benched for the Super Bowl.

A lot of reports are flowing in, despite Patriots coach Bill Belichick saying it was a ‘strictly football decision’ , there is just no way that can be true. Butler played in 98% of snaps this season and all of a sudden he goes to 0? That just doesn’t add up. Especially when Eric Rowe and Johnson Bademosi were torched continuously up and down the field and the Patriots refused to give Butler a shot.

There have been reports that Butler showed up a day late due to illness and may have missed curfew(s) after an apparent concert where he came back to the hotel potentially high and drunk before cussing out his coaches.

Regardless of what is being reported, both Butler and Belichick are wrong in this situation. Butler is wrong for putting himself in this situation. He knows what type of coach Belichick is — he benched Wes Welker for a series in a divisional round for his comments about Jets coach Rex Ryan in 2011. Whatever Butler did, he messed up big time and the wrong time, and he’s been around here long enough to know not to mess around with The Hoodie, especially the week of the Super Bowl.

Belichick is also wrong in this situation, as well. Belichick sent messages to his team several times before, like stated above, he benched Wes Welker for a series a few years back in the Divisional Round, but not the entire game.  

Belichick refused to use Butler even after his two corner backs replacing Butler were getting torched continuously. Belichick was to stubborn to play Butler after the first half to try and change up that game defensively. Regardless, even if it is a disciplinary action, don’t you think the team would get the memo? He would have benched arguably his best cornerback for a half in the Super Bowl. That still shows you cant mess around.

Malcolm Butler should have been benched in this game, but Bill Belichick shouldn’t have benched him for as long as he did because Butler WOULD have changed the outcome of this game.

We will all have to pick a side once more details emerge on this story.