National Burger Day …Success!


A little birdie told me that today was #NationalBurgerDay (thanks twitter!) so of course I took full advantage of the hashtag to get a burger in Boston to celebrate!

Hands down there is no where else to get a burger on such a fantastic hashtag holiday other than the Boston Burger Company. With over 25 delicious burger options and amazing appetizers you cannot go wrong at a place like this. Located in both Boston and Somerville this place is the ideal grub spot!

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Boston Burger Company Boylston St. Location Boston, MA

This restaurant is so diverse that the menu is not just meat-eater friendly, but it even has options for both vegetarians and vegans so everyone can enjoy a meal here. Boston Burger Company does Boston proud. The name is definitely worthy of having the city and burger together. This place has numerous creative burgers that will for sure satisfy many palates. From peanut butter and fried bananas to mac and cheese, onion rings, mozzarella sticks all on your burger… This place deserves your attention and money. Definitely a must try place!

BBC’s Burger Menu

My Experience: For starters, we devoured the “sampler” plate which included a trio of mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, buffalo fingers, fried pickles, and my personal fave mini mac-ancinis! (Yes, they are exactly what you’re thinking– mini mac and cheese risotto balls AKA mini balls of heaven.) It came along with 3 awesome dipping sauces to go with the different apps. We also ordered the lemon pepper fries. Both came out promptly which was awesome because we were starving and borderline drooling all over the table. Much like their burger menu BBC has an extensive list of different types of gourmet fries, all of which sounded incredible so I can’t wait to go back and try the rest!



Now for the main attraction… The burger. While my friends had the “Kitchen Sink” burger and the ever so popular “Hot Mess,” which were apparently both to die for, I went with the “North-Ender.” Without hesitation I can easily say that was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. The burger was drenched in the perfect amount of balsamic with a fresh slice of mozzarella cheese. The burger does also come with a tomato slice, but I went with the sans tomato version for my own preference. It also had a yummy mayo sauce on top! Cooked perfectly to my liking these are definitely must-haves from BBC.

“Kitchen Sink”
“Hot Mess”









Don’t forget to try their Nutella Shake for a post-meal treat 🙂 There is nothing else like it… You’re welcome!!