Country star endorses 2017 MUST HAVE children’s Christmas product!

Country Music Star Scotty Alaxander

Ohh boy! There’s a new Christmas character in town and he is making a lot of noise! “Toasty The Magic Fireplace” is brought to you by one of our own, David Justin (author and creator), a New Hampshire native trying to make a BIG impact on raising money at a national level for Cancer research. Scotty Alexander, a country singer who has risen to stardom in Nashville and Las Vegas, wasted no time jumping on board with David’s vision. Scott Alexander not only endorsed this amazing children’s Christmas product and book, but he also wrote and produced the theme song for Toasty which we feel will become a household favorite for many years to come! The song stays true to Scotty’s country roots, yet is catchy and perfect for kids to sing along with.

Check out Toasty’s theme song by Scotty Alexander here:

Growing up we all remember the age old question, “How does Santa Claus get into your house?” Well now we have the answer, weather you have a fireplace or not! From this day forward you will be able to confidently tell your children that Santa gets into your house through Toasty, The Magic Fireplace. When purchasing Toasty The Magic Fireplace, you also get the book “The Magic Fireplace” which explains a little boy’s magical adventure with Santa and how Toasty came to life. We’ve read the book and let me  be the first to tell you that this is a MUST have children’s Christmas book that will grow to be a tradition in all homes for many years to come!

This year marks the first print run of what we believe will be a HUGE success for the holiday season and every Christmas from this day forward. The author, David Justin, is offering an exclusive first print run limited edition copy with a raised golden seal and a certificate of authenticity acknowledging that the copy from this 2017 print run is the first original release of this unbelievable Christmas concept that is going viral! Note that this year and this year only will you be able to receive the limited edition seal.

But wait, theres more. David will be donating 10% of all profits to cancer research, children’s hospitals or scholastic funds. To learn more about how the donation works please visit his website:  Below is an exclusive interview with the author, which gives you an up close and personal look at his book, product and the vision behind Toasty and The Magic Fireplace.

Exclusive interview with David Justin: