Boston has a new groove in the Seaport District.  A social experience that you may have seen played at other local watering holes but no where close to on this level.  Flight Club Boston is a social dart gaming bar with great game experiences, food and drink that just opening this past December.  Of course we loved playing darts, but always feel it is important to tell you about the food first!

GREAT FOOD – The Flight Club offers lunch, dinner, and shareable “oche” menus which means that they have a little something for everyone from Oysters and Shrimp Cocktail, Grilled Beef Skewers with BBQ sauce and White Bean Dip with Truffle Oil to Salads, Burgers, Pizzas, Desserts, and more. We had the pleasure of trying the Tandoori Chicken Skewers, which were served with mango chutney, spiced yogurt, and cilantro and were not only absolutely delicious but perfect for sharing with your dart-throwing mates.

The Tandoori Chicken Skewers are served with Mango chutney, spiced yogurt and cilantro and they are gluten free!

We also got the Shrimp Dumplings, with coconut kaffir lime sauce, cucumber, radish, scallions, and chilies and the Kung Pao Cauliflower … which was – hands down – the best fried cauliflower I have ever had. Flight Clubs dishes are delicious and perfect for sharing with your dart teammates! 

Served with Szechuan Pepper Sauce and Sesame Candied Peanuts Flight Club’s Cauliflower seems almost caramelized, with a kick different than the basic BBQ cauliflower app.

GREAT DRINK – Flight Club’s award winning bar goes above and beyond when it comes to their craft cocktails, they are far more than just creative. The drinks are deliciously innovative using spices, teas, and other natural, fresh tasting mixers. Each cocktail tells a story of its own, from the name to the flavors, every cocktail was a tasty journey of its own. 

The Taurus

We started off with the all mighty Taurus, a delicious blend of apple brandy, saffron gin, pomegranate scented green tea, grenadine, lime juice, and egg white … truly a masterpiece!

Next was the Royal Lion, a mix of Gunpowder green tea infused gin, English Breakfast tea, thyme, East India sherry, lemon, and the White Tiger, which was comprised of rum, coconut liqueur, arrack, curried coconut cream, lime, clove.

All 3 were absolutely fabulous, and definitely provided the buzz needed for extra dramatic dart throwing, but one of the drinks stood out as the flavor favorite.

The Iguana

The Iguana, a blend of Jamaican rums, ginger, hibiscus liqueur, allspice, gingerbread rooibos tea, and lime. This drink is out of this world, the perfect blend of refreshing and spice.

When it comes to great drinks, Flight Club has it down to a science, absolute mixology genius, proving, yet again, that this experience is about more than dart throwing, although that was super fun too!

GREAT FUN – To the uninitiated, Boston’s new Flight Club – located in Seaport District – offers a super-charged social gaming experience like no other, with multi-player games set in semi-private playing areas, housed in a breath-taking bar, serving delicious food and amazing botanical-based cocktails. The heritage of darts lies in British pubs and fairgrounds, Flight Club has taken this game and developed innovative technology which means that groups from 6-400 can play at the same time. 

With an electronic scoreboard and multiple game types offered, playing darts at Flight Club is like playing a massively upgraded version of the original game. Keeping score is easy and the barrier to entry is low at Flight Club which makes it perfect for a night out.

Flight Club Boston is down right fun! From the food and drink to the dart board, there’s something for everyone at Flight Club. The drinks are surprisingly strong which makes playing darts extra fun. This is not traditional darts. This is much better.

Out of the 5 original multiplayer games, a fan favorite is the Demolition game type which is a race to 180 points. Easy to learn, even for a beginner, this is the perfect game to start out with. As the night goes on and the drinks get stronger, experimenting with new game types makes for a ton of fun. 

What’s nice about Fight Club is the privacy that you have in your ‘oche’ (rhymes with “hockey” and refers to the semi-private Social Darts playing area). You won’t feel crowded by other parties, but you certainly aren’t so secluded that you can’t make some new friends. 


Outside of the drinks and darts, it’s safe to say that Flight Club shines in other ways as well. The aesthetic is beautiful and well thought out. The artwork on the walls and overall interior design make this cozy dart bar fit right into the upscale Seaport scenery. Overall, booking a night at Flight Club is a no brainer. Because Flight Club is not just a dart bar – it’s a social experience like no other.

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