As Hurricane Matthew bears down on Florida, forcing millions to evacuate, the league has had discussions on the Dolphins game this weekend. Regardless, through sunny days or snowstorms, overcast or hurricanes, I’ll be here to consistently hook you up with fantasy football advice. Getting you the “W” is far more important to me than my own safety.

Also, Dak Prescott last week. You’re welcome.

In all seriousness, thoughts go out to everyone in Florida: stay safe. Also, don’t forget to set your lineups. Nobody likes to face a team with three players on bye in their lineup. And no excuses. “Dude, the hurricane though!” Dude, it takes three seconds to set your lineup, though. Don’t be THAT GUY, get your priorities straight. Here’s my Start/Sit for Week 4:

Carson Wentz (QB – @DET)

There are many QB’s who have had single digit fantasy games this season and Carson Wentz isn’t one of them. Games of 19, 12, and 21 points respectively has seen Wentz being picked up in deeper leagues, but for people with injured or bye-week QB’s this week (Cam Newton, Carson Palmer, Drew Brees, Blake Bortles, Russell Wilson, etc) Wentz is a great option. Detroit gives up the second most fantasy points to the QB position. Not only that, TE Zach Ertz is coming back at 100 percent health and has shown in one week that he has the potential to be a top target in Wentz’ arsenal. In Week 1 against Cleveland, Ertz was second on the team in targets, so expect him to continue where he left off pre-injury. The offensive line in Philly is doing something for Wentz they didn’t do for Bradford and that’s protect him. The more time a QB has, the better, more accurate, confident throw he’ll make and right now Wentz is firing on all cylinders. For the betters out there, this could be a trap game for the Eagles as I don’t think the defense is nearly as good as other people think it is and Detroit’s offense is too good not to bounce back at some point. Furthermore, Philly won’t go undefeated this season so a loss on the road against a high powered offense is completely reasonable. Even so, Iike Wentz in the 15-25 point range and for a bye week/injury fill in; I like it. I like it A LOT (said in the Jim Carrey “Dumb and Dumber” voice).

Kenneth Dixon (RB – v.WAS)

The fantasy footballers that either drafted or stashed and dashed rookie RB Kenneth Dixon are collectively screaming “OMG YAASSSS” at the news of Justin Forsett’s release because that means Dixy boy is ready and rearing to go. He’s at 100 percent health and while he won’t see full time work, it’s only a matter of time before he does because lets face it, Terrance West isn’t good. Dixon has the highest upside in both for real football and fantasy football this week and beyond. Before we take a look into the future on this guy, lets focus on this Sunday. The Redskins boast the leagues second worst defense against the RB position in fantasy. It is worth noting that they also surrender the 5th most fantasy points to the wide out position as well, so don’t think Flacco will be handing the ball off all game. I do think that if Baltimore gets out to and holds a big lead, Dixon will be the go to clock killer down the stretch. Dixon is a good flex play if you’re looking to hit a home run, but I think he’s an even better DFS play. The usage is still unknown at this point, but I can’t imagine they won’t run him against this horrid defense.

Any New York Giants RB (@GB)

The Packers give up the least amount of points to the RB position. Furthermore, the Giants have scored only three rushing touchdowns this season, putting them in about the middle of the pack. To be fair, they’ve only thrown for four, but with a banged up Packers secondary (Damarious Randle, Morgan Burnett, and Sam Shields) there’s no doubt the Giants will be throwing.

Kelvin Benjamin (WR – v.TB)

Carolina’s at home, Tampa Bay gives up the most fantasy points to the WR position (average 30 points), and it’s Kelvin. A guy coming off a torn ACL is going to have zero point games every once in awhile. He’s still young, still learning. He’s too good of a talent (and has shown just that the first two weeks of the season) to not roll with every week whether Cam is throwing him the ball or I am. Derek Anderson is a competent back up and should have no issue putting up a few TDs on this high school defense. I just hope those passes go to Benjy.

DeAndre Hopkins/Will Fuller (WR- @MIN)

The Vikings defense has been all world so far this season, so I know this isn’t a popular opinion among fantasy heads. Yet and still, at some point this defense will have a bad game, it happens to all the great defenses of years past. Hopkins is too great a WR to be held down much longer and he’s shown as much with the QB’s he’s had slinging him the ball in his career to this point. Fuller may start receiving more attention and if that happens, watch out world. I recently traded Julian Edelman and Travis Kelce for Hopkins and C.J. Anderson in a league and I couldn’t be more smitten with that deal because I know eventually Hopkins will come around and when he does, it’ll be a clinic. The only time you bench a player of Hopkins skill set and talent is during his bye week. For better or for worse, players like him and Odell Beckham will come around.

Zach Ertz (TE – @DET)
See above and expect 100 and a TD from him this Sunday.

Managing your fantasy football team this week is just like dealing with a hurricane when you think about it. You’re taking a clear risk if you stick with some of the players above given their match ups from Odell Beckham to Alshon Jeffery. Sticking around increases the odds of a negative result in instances such as this. In some situations it’s better to move on from that player for a week and find a safer option such as Sterling Shepard, etc because you may come out on the better end of it that way. Ultimately, in both life and fantasy football, the choice is yours. Make the right one so you can live to see another day… both in life and fantasy football. If you choose to weather the storm yourself, make sure you know someone who will agree to run your fantasy team should you get hurt or die or something like that. Again, don’t be THAT GUY, get your priorities straight.