First things first, time to eat some crow over the great Game 7 victory for the C’s. I was rooting for the Wizards to win but only to help the Celtics long term.

It was only fitting that Isaiah Thomas and the “role players” stepped up big time to hit open shots, finally burying the Wizards. On a night when even Kelly Olynyk is hitting long range buckets, everyone in the house is in Green Heaven.

But does anyone really think Olynyk or any other role player can step up against the Cavaliers to hit open jumpers, or even get open looks?

The Boston Celtics are right where they should be as a No. 1 seed. The Celtics won a tough Game 7 in the second round and that’s nothing to sneeze at especially when they’ve exceeded my expectations this season.

But now everyone has to put their MVP chants and Green Goggles in a sack because this team still has an Eastern conference finals series to play. Doomsday is here and King James is in the building. I know LeBron has been on fire in these playoffs, however he’s now playing against a scrappy bunch who gives more effort than the Pacers and Raptors and the Celtics have a true home court advantage in the Garden. LeBron is LeBron. He’ll attack you viciously at the rim, play amazing defense, guard anyone on the court and be a dynamic facilitator. My scouting report on LeBron and how to defend him hasn’t changed: Let him shoot his three pointers and his midrange jumpers and force him to make an attempt to skillfully shoot from the outside. This will slow the Cavs down as long as James’s teammates miss open shots.

This is a great start to this week for the Celtics. Great win in Game 7, they won the draft lottery last night, and Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals starts tonight in the Garden.

But it’s not all gravy now for the Green Teamers. Just because King James is coming to town, doesn’t mean he’s not beatable. He’s not Michael Jordan. He does have the choke gene in him. We’ve all seen LeBron walk off the court without shaking opponents’ hands, has quit on his team during blow outs and uses the words “Me” “My” and “I” far too much when he speaks. Get in LeBron’s head. Leave a mark for seasons to come.

The main objective for the Celtics against Cleveland: win a game or two, be competitive, and don’t get blown out at home.