Not Christmas Breakfast, Not Christmas Lunch… It’s Chrunch!

    Nom your Holiday Hearts off at these Boston Brunch Spots!

    After a day of eating and mingling with family and friends over a hot Christmas meal and endless glasses of wine, the best way to start the countdown until New Year’s is a post-Christmas brunch. I understand the situation. The relatives have left, the leftovers are stored in the fridge, and although you’re full, you want more. And where will you wander to in Boston with so many greasy, delicious brunch spots to choose from? Will you go to Newbury Street and sit amongst the books at the Trident Café to test their new breakfast smoothie, the Breakfast Monster with oats? Or will you wonder to Cambridge to find yourself at the Friendly Toast, because the new management has just expanded their brunch menu and finally made smiling and customer-friendly manners part of the service?

    Well, don’t panic, I got you! Brunch has been a part of the long list of Cosmopolitan traditions since the dawn of mankind when man discovered that eating and drinking is most pleasant at the laziest time of the day-after sleeping in and refusing to settle for left over pizza or a breakfast bar. Boston is known for their Irish pubs and taverns, and where else is there to go to get a hot, eggy meal between the hours of 10 to 3pm? Toast with friends and family with a Bloody Mary or a Mimosa and treat yourself to some tasty meals at the follow restaurants-you won’t be let down! As they toast in Meet the Parents: Good meat, good eat, good God, let’s eat.

    1. The MET in the Back Bay: Bloody Mary fans stop reading this list right now and jump in a uber and plug in directions to Back Bay! The Met has an extraordinary drinks menu with plenty of brunch-y creations for eaters with original greasy brunch plates with a spicy, innovative twist. Craft your own Bloody Mary with a variety of spirits and fixin’s including mini cheeseburgers, lobster, shrimp, or bacon and a number of spices and flavors- with a an olive or two. Nothing beats a Christmas hangover more than a loaded Bloody Mary! My personal favorite is the Breakfast Fries which combine hearty breakfast parts like eggs with cheddar cheese, onions, and a hefty ½ pound burger. You can’t go wrong with the of Pork Stuffed Hash or Fried Eggs with sharp melted cheddar and a mean jalapeno hollandaise, just two of the signature dishes served over Brunch . Enjoy the ambiance in a Christmas red room surrounded by burgered-drinks and merriment on Christmas Eve by booking a Chrunch reservation with The MET through Open Table today!
    2. The Paramount, Beacon Hill/South Boston-Buttermilk Pancakes, Belgian Waffles, Fresh Caramel and Banana French Toast. Do I need to say more? I felt like I was drooling before I ordered my food to sit down. The entire experience is cafeteria like in sum. For example, ordering your food while standing before sitting down. However, the odds play out, because the sit down environment is worth it with a big crew and for the tasty dishes on the menu. The Paramount made me realize my love for food is stronger than any love I have had for a man, which is still true today…sadly. Beacon Hill is also a great places to take a post-Christmas stroll. If bae clearly didn’t pull out a superb Christmas gift, let him or her learn a lesson whilst strolling on Beacon amongst the wide array of jewelry and clothing stores.
    3. Deep Ellum, Allston-Worth the trek if you’re from outside the Allston/Brighton area! Deep Ellum serves a great Chrunch with plenty of exciting special and appetizers. The DE menu balances both breakfast and lunch well, featuring the signature House Burger or the Deep Ellum Breakfast Burrito with a to-die-for house-made chorizo sauce. To start, share the Gorgonzola Fries with some friends over Bloody’s and Mimosas along two more heaping plates of starters-personally I always ask my friends to split the Poutine with duck gravy and fries- it is THE hangover cure for any Christmas day gone-cray experience. Deep Ellum is a perfect spot to split multiple meals and share starters at a very affordable price for those struggling after Christmas shopping.
    4. Post 390, Seaport-Before Post 390 starts off 2016 with their new menu, check out their Brunch Menu post-Christmas and learn why they were named Boston’s Best-Neighborhood Restaurant this year. The current menu features your classic Mimosa and spicy Bloody Mary, but look no further and you will find a variety of Chrunchy cocktails to turn your ugly sweater inside-out. The Industry is the only cocktail I choose to drink there. For Jack Abby lovers, this could be the end all for any other cocktail you have had in your life. I kid you not. Tis the season for sweets and chocolate. Their Brunch menu suitably includes Whoopie Pies and crèmey desserts, including the Chocolate Sugar Cookie. There is an option for 3 courses, which I would take full advantage of for the quality of the food and the price. The Banana Foster Pancakes will melt in your mouth- and if you’re looking for something fresh from the farm, you should be golden if you choose any omelette or benedict-style egg. For all the health lovers on a kick, try the Coconut and Chia Pudding-yum! From farmhouse pastries to seafood at any time of the day, Post 390 is a homey, neighborhood spot to meet and greet during the Holiday season.

    So I leave you with these fine quality places to Chrunch, my friends. May your eggs be happily scrambled, your mimosa be bottomless, and your Christmas spirits be high. Hopefully your experience hits the spot and you dare pull on someone’s beard, in utter belief you have finally met Santa in real life.






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