Capture headlines, then pennants.

Boston expelled “The Curse of the Bambino”, back in 2004, these days, it’s their opponents who feel cursed, as the Red Sox power their way to an already substantial lead in the AL East. Currently four games up on their archrival New York, the Sox must find a way to sustain this success until sometime before or after Halloween.

World Series aren’t won in April but winning at this torrid a clip will keep the team from running extra laps in practice. With lights out pitching and clutch hitting, the local team seems laser focused on a deep playoff run, one that might never come if postponements persist.

Yes, baseball faces a plethora of obstacles; games are too long, there are too many games, and most recently, diamond snow shovels. Through one month of play, Major Baseball saw the most cancellations in the first month, in history. The weather sucks, nobody wants to attend night games with a first-pitch temp of 39 degrees, and that’s a real problem.

2018 then enters as the year fans will remember for what didn’t happen, which is a real shame, because there’s stuff worth watching, if you look close enough.

The Angels staggering two-way phenom, Shohei Ohtani is one of the most exciting players to debut in my lifetime. He’s the type of player whose name touches the lips of people with a working knowledge of sports that could rival most sharks.

Ohtani disrupts the very concept of dynamic weapons and should serve as a chilling warning to the rest of baseball. He’d be even better to watch if anyone were awake when he takes the field. Ohtani torches both batters and pitchers, delighting just a miniscule television audience.

Baseball can’t solve its problems, and that’s the problem. Games are still super long, even with new measures implemented to foil marathon durations. The Red Sox find themselves in a position of responsibility to keep the public interested.

Mookie Betts launching a ball into orbit titillates folks in this area, but what if you like Aaron Judge? Baseball is a stories game and you need a good enough to tell to sustain interest for the proverbial long haul.

Enough winning solves anything. We’re still way early in this thing, Yu Darvish hasn’t even won his first game in Cubby blue, and the forecast shows sun icons and slightly more desirable temperatures. That’s the headline, but who gets the pennant?