One-Of-A-Kind Music, Fashion and Art: A Walk Through the World of MergeArts Boston


MergeArts Boston is turning Boston’s view of music, fashion and art on its collective ear. As MergeArts prepares for its next presentation – Sunday, August 23 at VENU (100 Warrenton St. Boston) – the time is now to look back on their most recent gala. The indefinable Sterling Golden had the opportunity to take a journey into the world of MergeArts, getting a view at the sights and the sounds – and sharing an exquisite dance with the beautiful ringleader of MergeArts, Faith Verrill. Here is an account of the legendary Mr. Golden’s visit.


Photography courtesy Greg Caparell & the author

You know how it is, family: music, art and fashion are the very foundation of any solid nightlife circuit. Now, take that same foundation and blast it through a kaleidoscope of original ideas, rife with colorful sights & sounds, beautiful ladies who proudly represent this bold technicolor vision, and a band of mad genius artists, designers, creators and promoters. This, ladies and fellas, is what happens when you see music, art and fashion through the shared vision of MergeArts Boston. 

On the night of July 26, your boy Mr. Golden made his way to VENU to witness the MergeArts experience firsthand. Facts only: It lived up to the type of sound and vision presentation I have been enthralled with for my entire life. From helping to put together the weekly Style Infusion show at the old Splash Ultra Lounge, to emceeing the ABNDN fashion premiere event at TT the Bear’s, to work as the DJ and music director for last year’s Boston Fashion Awards at BIJOU, I am no stranger to the finest in fashion presentation in this city. I knew what I was about to immerse myself in would be an exciting odyssey into something wholly different from what one may be used to seeing out here.

Providing “a consistent platform and small business resource for artists”, MergeArts presents events on a monthly basis that brings together over 30 top artists representing artistic, fashion-conscious, and musical platforms. In addition, MergeArts also backs workshops and clinics that provide both education and business connections. Through this unique multi-purpose model, MergeArts have turned the heads of tastemakers and trendsetters throughout the New England scene. It surely got my attention, you guys: the most recent MergeArts event was truly a destination situation for me. It was my privilege to be witness to it.


From the moment the doors opened at 7PM that evening, I was enveloped in a sea of amazing artwork, bright, creative minds, and some of the coolest people I have met in our community in a minute. There was a true sense of passion, of pride, in the works scene throughout VENU on this night. In particular, the artworks of Dinadaz Art & Mia Eaton – whose galleries were stationed side by side – captured my attention. Hauntingly brilliant, exceptional in the energy & heart that was captured in every piece I saw, Dinadaz & Mia were – for my money – the most captivating visual artists of the evening. Very much enjoyed chatting & choppin’ it up with these super creative ladies.

IMG_20150726_210907 IMG_20150726_210922

As the Hana Kahn Band performed an energetic 30-minute set, I had the chance to get acquainted with Faith Verrill, learning about her experiences with helping to bring MergeArts to life, and the sense of achievement that comes with giving Boston this outstanding event each month. Faith is also exceptional on the dancefloor…which is also quite an outstanding thing to note. Thank you again for the fine dance and the awesome conversation, love. It was my honor to share that time with you and get to know a lady who is helping to reshape what it means to be ahead of the curve in the Boston fashion & art scene.

From here, the evening’s first two fashion presentations took center stage. Set to a live performance by Callback Holly, a stunning gathering of gorgeous women – adorning the creations of Rebecca Douglas Designs and April Camille Designs – rocked the catwalk to the raves and cheers of the audience before them. The fashions presented by Rebecca and April were soon the talk of the evening; these were rare, beautiful takes on design that you just weren’t going to see anywhere else, on any runway, anywhere in the world. Their works shined bright like a clear moonlit sky, and justifiably, each presentation earned a standing ovation.


The night would climb dizzying heights going forward: from JPRiZM’s blistering music set, to a raucous dance performance by Boston’s Darnell “Snoopy” Brown (who, having been dancing since the age of 14, impressed as one of the evening’s true highlights), and the final fashion presentation of the night with works by Interracial Inspirations (set to the live music of Bloc Nation), the entire start to finish event gave all who were there an up-close view of why MergeArts Boston is changing the way we think about artistic expression. No other event in town on this night, or any other within its distance on the calendar, could give us such an original concept and turn it into a thing of beauty the way this team has.

My deepest gratitude goes out to Faith Verrill and the MergeArts team for welcoming me into the MergeArts realm. I do not impress easy; yet y’all definitely managed to do so. I fully intend to come through again for future MergeArts events.

And yes, Faith: I totally intend to share another dance with you.