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The game after the home opener is usually one of the worst games of the season to attend as a fan.

The weather usually stinks. No buzz in the crowd. And there are usually plenty of seats to be had.

So what are the Red Sox doing tonight?

They are giving away David Ortiz commemorative 500 home run necklaces to the first 15,000 lucky fans to make their way through the gates at Fenway tonight.

Please, someone stop the madness.

David Ortiz 500 via Twitter
David Ortiz 500 via Twitter

It is becoming quite apparent that this entire season will be one long goodbye kiss to Big Papi. David has been a great player here in Boston and an important member of the community but at some point enough is enough. Giving away those necklaces is crass. Who would be caught dead wearing one?

And folks, if you think it’s bad now it’s only going to get worse.

After six games, there is nothing I have seen that suggests the Red Sox will be anything other than a mediocre team this season. The team has an insatiable desire to make money and be relevant both at Fenway Park and on NESN. If the team sucks, there is only one way to do that: Take advantage of the David Ortiz retirement tour.

Fortune 500

And I think the fans can see right through it. I spent most of my day in the car listening to sports talk radio. Yes, I know I need a life. The always entertaining Kirk Minihane hit it out of the park on WEEI this morning when he went off on the Red Sox for the non-stop Ortiz hero-worshiping. I second that emotion, and to my surprise, so did many of the callers.

I don’t blame Ortiz. I blame the Red Sox brass. They can’t help themselves and usually manage to go over the top when they don’t have to, and not just let something play out in a more tasteful manner.

The bottom line is Fenway Sports Group, LLC is too married to the almighty dollar sign to do the right thing and pump the brakes on Papipalooza.

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