For one week only! Parish Café is bringing back another sandwich from the past for hungry Bostonians to enjoy, if only for a short while.

Come enjoy this comfort food focused sandwich at Parish Cafes now through March 11th! (photo credit goes to Front Burner Social)

The Boylston is a brioche roll slathered with a rich avocado spread fusing baked haddock capped with lettuce, red onions and tomato slices that comes with a side of creamy chipotle cole slaw.

The Boylston was constructed by Parish Café’s own co-founder and chef, Sean Simmons. Sean is the first chef at Parish Café since their opening in 1992. He has created many iconic dishes like “Sean’s Simple Chicken,” “Sean’s Meatloaf Club,” and “Sean’s Simple Meatball.”

With another Nor’Easter headed our way, we just might cozy up with Sean’s Meatloaf tonight too!

For over 26 years, Sean and co-founder Gordon Wilcox have offered local Boston chefs an opportunity to cultivate their own specialty sandwiches that leave great marks on the Parish Café’s reputation.

Or maybe we’ll head over to Parish Cafe for National Meatball Day on Friday, March 9th instead!

After many years in the food industry, Sean has plans of retirement but won’t leave yet without providing more of his personal touch towards the menu. The Boylston could be the last Sean-crafted sandwich, so get it while it’s hot.