This really pissed me off and that’s what is the whole point of this article. There is a glaring need at the cornerback position with the departure of Malcolm Butler almost certain. They’re coming off a really bad year defensively. They let up the third-most passing yards last season. There is top tier talent on the market for cornerbacks and you don’t make any effort to get one? What the hell are they doing?

They first passed on Marcus Peters who went for a second-round pick and a fourth. Kansas City called every team in the league and obviously, the Patriots didn’t show any interest.

Next, Aqib Talib becomes available and had expressed interest in a return to New England and the Patriots showed no interest. Talib went for a fifth-round pick.

And then, Lastly Richard Sherman gets CUT and showed real interest in coming here and the Patriots never even picked up the phone and called Sherman before he signed with San Francisco.

To never even reach out to Sherman is ridiculous (Reminds me of the Red Sox and Giancarlo Stanton). The least you can do is call and setups visit and you couldn’t even do that? A guy that said he wanted to come here and play with Brady? That’s Frustrating.

Also, the Patriots opponents this upcoming season are pass heavy. Aaron Rodgers, Matt Stafford, Andrew Luck, Ben Roethlisberger, Deshaun Watson, and most likely, they are are going to see Kirk Cousins next season either with the Minnesota Vikings or the New York Jets. Wherever he signs. So let’s not sign top-tier cornerbacks with all these quarterbacks coming up next season, that makes perfect sense.

The Pats could even see Drew Brees next year too.

And now it looks like left tackle Nate Solder could be on his way out as well. But they re-signed Brandon Bolden! Special teams! WOOHOO. Let’s not protect Brady either!

I really am starting to question what exactly their plan is down in Foxborough. No future anymore (Jimmy G traded), I guess they are not trying to maximize 40-year-old Tom Brady’s window because they should’ve signed one of those defensive backs. The Philadelphia Eagles who just beat you in the Super Bowl just made their pass rush even better (Traded for Michael Bennett). The LA Rams just added Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib to their secondary. Wow. I’ll tell you what, they are going to need more than just Danny Shelton.

For the first time in a long time, it seems there isn’t really a plan for the short and long-term future for this team. Maybe that changes, I hope so. This doesn’t mean Bill Belichick is not the greatest anymore. If anyone knows and who can turn this ship in the right direction, it’s him.

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