Power Clashing


FashionEver feel the need to tone down outfits to avoid the “too much” over-the-top factor? Well it’s time to step out of your fashion comfort zone, break the rules, and POWER CLASH. According to the Urban Dictionary, power clashing means “combining clothing items that according to style etiquette do not go together.” But for this trend, you can throw that style etiquette out the window and go astray from what’s known as traditional. Typically, prints are worn with single tone colors; but now it’s in style to wear more than one print at a time.
You can power-clash day or night, whether it be in the workplace or a night out in the town. It’s pairing bold prints and patterns together, like floral and stripes. There are so many potential prints to choose from, so there’s hundreds of ways to power clash. And not to mention, it’s rather easy to do! Just grab a floral print skirt, wear it with stripes and easily create a fun nautical flower-child look. Or you could even power clash two different types of floral prints. From animal prints to graphic prints, the power clashing combo is sure to make a statement and please your inner rebel.