I’m not a huge John Farrell fan. I don’t like the way he’s handled young players, with an intransigent support of underachieving veterans. I don’t believe that it’s a coincidence that Betts, Bradley, Bogaerts, and Swihart flourished after Farrell’s departure. Do I know there’s cause and effect? No. It’s just intelligent speculation. For a personnel guy and former pitching coach, Farrell has not overwhelmed there for the most part.

But I form my opinion on what action between the lines reveals. The organizational decision to bring him back after successful struggles against cancer is totally understandable.

But we should evaluate professional athletes and coaches on effort, personal performance, and their impact on the team. Just as we should evaluate scribes on their journalism, not on their lives.

When family issues or personal matters arise off the field, they deserve privacy. There’s no role for locker room talk, snickers, and sanctimonious argument.

I hope that time away from the team and observation of their approach and results in his absence produces an epiphany. Most fans are rooting for Red Sox relevance in 2016. We all understand the “What Have You Done for Me Lately?” theme.

But let’s focus on rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

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