Proud To Be A Bostonian


Mike Napoli doubles to give the Boston Red Sox a 3-2 walk off win and
a 3-game sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays on a gorgeous Marathon Monday
at Fenway Park. Red Sox Nation has a new hero in Napoli and everything
feels right with the world. One short hour later later and a just over a mile
down the way on Boylston Street, the real heroes were just about to appear.
Two bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three
people and injuring 140 more.
The response by the Boston Police, Marathon volunteers, and runners
themselves was incredible. Pulling barriers and fencing away from the crowd
with no fear of the possibility of additional explosions was truly heroic. Every
day, police officers leave for work with no guarantee of returning home. On
this beautiful Monday, most went to work to help out with one Boston’s most
inspirational and rewarding sporting events, the 117th running of the Boston
Marathon. A fun and festive day for the City of Boston as families gather to
watch loved ones and friends – those inspirational non-elite runners – who cross
the finish line with a different goal, not of winning the marathon but accomplishing
a life’s goal and doing good for others. Most run for cancer patients,
a loved one who passed away or for a favorite charity. It was supposed to be
a day of celebration, but instead the police, firefighters, EMT’s, doctors and
nurses, and Marathon volunteers themselves were instantly pressed into roles
that they have trained for but never imagined ever having to do.
Thanks to the hard work of the first responders and the great hospitals in
the City of Boston, many of the injured were able to get immediate treatment
and the casualties were kept to as low as possible. In a scene reminiscent of
September 11th the people of Boston came together as one on this horrific
afternoon watching strangers helping fellow strangers to safety and also offering
runners a place to stay or eat.
The City of Boston showed their true colors on Marathon Monday, April
15, 2013 and our spirit shone through this evil and cowardly act. We will
continue to mourn and pray for those who died and were injured. But we will
not live in fear. We will overcome the fear with hope, resolve and determination.
Yesterday we saw the heroes run in to the explosion to help others. We
learned of runners who completed the marathon and continued on to hospitals
to donate blood for the wounded. Our neighbors and local businesses opened
their doors, their phones, their hearts to people who needed help. This is
Boston. We are Boston … and proud of it.