“Purging Art Thievz” ?

The Purge 2s make up copy cat.
The Purge 2s make up copy cat.
Our homie Art Beatz
Our homie Art Beatz

“Purging Art Thievz” ?  3 years ago our Western Mass — Baghdad born — Banging Hard House D.J. Art Beatz came front with a slick brand for his grill, rocking 2 pounds of make-up stretching from his chin to his adams apple, appearing like the “Who” brand mouth on steroids (note the image).

Now three years later, the much anticipated horror cult quick sequel “The Purge 2 Anarchy” crushes the box office nation wide with a fist-full of blade wielding maniacs ready to chop each other up within the movie(s) theme of one night where ALL crime is legal for 12 hours. I seen the movie and honestly it is one of the better studio flicks I’ve seen this season (ehhh).

The only thing to put on blast about this built to be like the “SAW” franchise which went from wicked edgy horror to complete and utter dog nugget, is the fact that one of the street thug purgers is complimented with a garnish of make up that is no less than an identical twin of our own Art Beatz.

The movie is directed by first time director James DeMonaco, only known for the first Purge. The make up department head is lead by Trefor Proud (kinda looks shady) but has a slue of credits check him out on IMDB.com.

So I scream out to you guys like a neck mouth to help me smoke out if Art Beatz — creative facial brand was properly purged during the 12 hours of it being legal or was this branded long before the 2014 release of the Purge 2 … question did someone steal my friends face?

And while we’re at it, if you feel you’ve been ganked by a makeup artist, boss, mother in law etc. please list your annual PURGES here of who’s your purge and why… I’ll get back on who deserves it….