Hundreds of people are dancing and singing, moving their feet to their favorite beat. Up to three live DJs are spinning tunes, each one playing a different genre. But the music can’t be heard in the venue, it’s as though people are dancing to nothing.  But they are.

Put your headphones on and the sounds of the party pulse to life. You choose what to jam to with a simple flick of a switch. The blue, red, or green light on each headset shows which DJ other party go-ers are listening to. Sway along to the same song as your friends or tap to your own tune.
24002517033_9f287c1283Quiet Clubbing can be held virtually anywhere – clubs, rooftops, outdoor parking lots – the limits are endless. Now Quiet Clubbing is coming to Boston this Friday night at The Greatest Bar. Are you down? 23032897222_17879492cc

Visit The Greatest Bar for details and tickets before this event sells out!