Red Bull Flugtag Coming to the Charles River This Summer


You’ve seen the videos.  Seemingly crazy people flying off of a terrifyingly high platforms in self constructed machines.  It has happened all over the country.  In fact, in 2013 when Red Bull Flugtag took flight in Washington DC, Dirty Water TV was there to catch all the crazy action. Flugtag Aviators from around the world showed up for Red Bull’s first national Flugtag competition which was simultaneously held across five cities in the U.S.

Dirty Water TV caught up with these brazen aviators to see if the mechanisms they created would set flight. The videos are funny, tragic, exciting and crazy. You won’t want to miss one take off. Watch the video below.

And now it’s coming to Boston this summer when equally crazy people will create their Flugtag flying machines and fly – or dive – head first from a 3-story structure into the Charles River.  Sounds crazy, right?  That’s because it is.  And, for the first time in its decorated 25-year history, Red Bull Flugtag is coming to the banks of Boston’s Charles River.

“This one of a kind event will encourage individuals to showcase their creativity in what will be a unique and memorable experience for all who attend,” said DCR Commissioner Leo Roy in a release. “Events such as this expand enjoyment of the Charles River Esplanade to new users.”

On Aug. 20, 2016, passionate competitors will take the plunge from the DCH Hatch Shell, attempting – to the delight of thousands of eager fans praying for an early face plant – to break the 258-foot distance record set in Long Beach, California, in 2013, by a team The Chicken Whisperers.  Check out the video below to truly appreciate the spectacle that is Red Bull Flugtag.  Come on Boston, you can hit 259 feet.

If you’re looking to compete, you must submit your flying machine plans for consideration by May 13, 2016. The application process is free, although participants must be 18 or older. Teams consist of five members and no aviation or construction experience is required.  Check out Red Bull’s website for all of the details – Red Bull Flugtag in Boston.