The offseason will surely be riddled with priority trades and moves to gain veteran players. Many teams are seeking a franchise quarterback to carry their organization off into the sunset of Super Bowl LIII.

One team that does not need a franchise QB, thank the good lord in heaven, is the New England Patriots. Tom Brady has two years left on his contract with the Kraft family, and we know that he will be playing till he is 45 (at least). Personally, as a 23-year-old woman, I’d like Brady to play long enough for my own future children to witness his glory. I don’t plan on having kids for another decade or so— but I have faith he will fulfill this dream of mine. There is talk that the Pats will let go of players like; Marty B, Alan Branch, and Dwayne Allen— among other star players. These athletes will surely create a good chunk of money in cap space. Bennett, Branch, and Allen are all incredible players who have a keen awareness of the game and they will surely be missed if they leave. Bennet in particular, has meant a lot to New England fans since he joined us (then left us) then re-joined us. I mean, hell, I’m a big fan of this guy on and off the field— I think he’s a creative genius and I know he will go on to do great things. With these guys potentially parting ways with the Kraft Konglomerate, Belichick will be taking out his old fishing rod and pulling up some incredible ‘big fish’ from any and every small pond he can find. He’s been known to pluck athletes from obscurity and make them into star players, and this year will be no different, as the major players they signed last season are fizzling out.

On February 6, the Pats signed Offensive Linemen; James Ferentz and Jason King. The team signed Wide Receivers; Cody Hollister and Riley McCarron. The solo Tight End brought onto the roster that day was Will Tye, a guy to keep an eye on for sure. Belichick’s keen eye for defensive talent seems to be sharper than ever— with his signing of; DBs David Jones and Damarius Travis, LB Trevor Reilly, and CBs Ryan Lewis and Jomal Wiltz.

The Patriots always have a group of guys they groom on their practice squad to graduate them to the front line— and this season is truly no different. In fact, some of your favorite guys came from a practice squad somewhere— Chris ‘7/11’ Hogan came from Miami’s practice squad, where he earned the nickname “7/11” because he’s always open.

Bottom line, always have faith in the Patriots’ offseason decisions, because when Belichick takes out his fishing rod— he comes up with a big ole Tuna every time.

Stay tuned for more Pats offseason news and my two cents on the upcoming combine in Indy.

Photo: Boston Herald

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