You could call this a setback for the “Fire Goodell” crowd.

Roger Goodell raked in the cash last year to the tune of $34.1 million per NFL tax filings released Tuesday.

And what did the league get for their money? A complete mess called Deflategate where the commissioner seems to have a vendetta against the league’s most visible player in Tom Brady — who earned a mere $5.6 million in 2014. A complete screwup of the Ray Rice domestic violence case — amazing that TMZ could obtain the elevator video of Rice hitting his then fiance for a mere $100,000, while the NFL could not get their hands on the footage.

While that summary looks outrageous on the surface, the NFL revenues have grown dramatically under Goodell — and more importantly — there is labor peace between the league and the NFLPA.  And huge network and cable TV deals also keep going up and up with no end in sight.

Goodell only made $3.5 million base salary, but bonuses for the Patriots Fans Favorite Punching Bag kicked in for an additional $26.5 million. The 57-year-old Goodell also received “$3.7 million in pension and other deferred benefits as well as $273,000 in other reportable compensation,” according to’s Darren Rovell. NFL revenues were near $11 billion in 2014.

You won’t hear any complaints about Goodell’s salary from the men who pay his salary: the NFL owners. That’s because the Lords of the Game are making a boatload of cash, and Goodell takes all the heat for them.

While the Pitchforks and Torches faction of Patriots Nation is screaming on social media that Goodell is grossly overpaid, the don’t realize that Robert Kraft was instrumental in securing Goodell’s salary that amounts to a total of around $300 million over a seven-year deal that expires in March of 2019. And the commissioner’s $34 million paycheck is down from the $44 million he took home in 2013. However, there won’t be any tears in New England over the pay cut.

In his nine years as commissioner, Goodell has earned $180.5 million in compensation. His $34 million earnings last year are also right in line with other business titans in the country.

“In 2014, Nike CEO Mark Parker, for example, made $14.7 million off company revenues of $27.7 billion,” writes. “But Yahoo’s Marisa Mayer received $42 million in compensation in 2014, a year in which Yahoo pulled in only $4.6 billion.”

Meanwhile, the Foxboro Faithful continue to dig deeper in their wallets for the privilege to watch Roger’s games and consume the league’s product offerings no matter the cost.

Oh, and adding insult to injury, Deflategate Part II gets underway on March 3.

Earn, Baby Earn.

Dirty Water Sports’ Alan Miller contributed to this story.