Roll Out The Red Carpet with Ashley Bernon & Sonja Selami


In honor of International Women’s Day, we toast the many amazing women that we are proud to work with – like Sonja Selami and Ashley Bernon of The Law Offices of Sonja B Selami, PC – who recently Rolled Out The Red Carpet for Boston’s elite Real Estate & Media industry leaders. Travel inside this lavish and lovely event with Dirty Water Media Host Kylie McCoy.

Freelance writer Caroline McCann described the event on Sonja Selami’s website in the following way:  On Monday, February 12th, the Law Offices of Sonja B. Selami held their first Valentine’s Day media meet & greet at the stunning home of co-host Ashley Bernon.

The ambience for the romantic holiday was set upon arrival. As guests made their way into the house they found themselves walking upon a red carpet lined with rose petals, to the live music of violinist Vivian Luo. Inside, each guest was personally greeted by Sonja with open arms, who has a way of making every attendee feel special.

The valentine’s theme extended throughout Ashley Bernon’s home. No matter where you went the element of luxury, elegance and romance was present. Guests were treated to professional portraits in a magical setting, although anywhere in the house would have provided a lovely backdrop.

Amid the beautiful floral arrangements and valentines decorations, a lively crowd came together over champagne and the music of Boston band Almost Owen to discuss happenings in the world of Boston real estate.

Dinner was an exquisite 5 course creation by chef Tiffani Faison, owner of Boston restaurant Tiger Mama. The meal included a beet carpaccio resembling rose petals, a winter vegetable lasagnette, pomegranate sorbet, roasted beef tenderloin and fruity “Valentines Day Delicacies.”

On why they chose Valentines Day to hold the event, Ashley Bernon said “It just represents who we are. We love to greet every guest with warm hugs and through this night we hope to communicate how much everyone really is cared about.” Sonja reinforced this sentiment with her thoughtful attention to each and every guest.  She stated, “We really appreciate all of the people we work with. With this cold weather and in this business it is good to be reminded that you are loved, so we wanted to make a warm and caring environment for people.”