In The SAC with Dr Sarah – January 9


In The SAC with Dr Sarah – January 9

After a two week hiatus, In the SAC w Dr. Sarah is off to a banging start!  Have you ever wished that you could hire someone to go out with you at night to meet the possible “one”?  Well then you came to the right place!  This week our guest is the Professional Wingman Thomas Edwards!  You can hire him from coast to coast to go out to bars with you and meet people.  Tune in to see how he started his career doing it and how you can hire him as your right hand man.


Last month The SAC App was asked to be a co-sponsor in a very important venture.  We were asked to spread the word and get 5000 people test for various STDs, HPV, herpes, etc.  how could we not?!? The SAC is all about fun, healthy and safe sex.. So this will be fun!

This week Dr. Sarah interviewed 2 instrumental players participating in the contest.  One is Corri Fetman, a popular divorce lawyer from Chicago known for her attention grabbing sexy billboards.  Her motto is “Life is Short, Get a Divorce”.  Not only is she a prominent lawyer, she also was in Playboy!  The other key player who put this challenge together is Blair Nastasi of The PR firm Media Moguls.  She works with the online dating company  Together they decided that people need to be aware of these diseases because no one person is immune to getting them.


Tune in tonight to learn more about the challenge.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!  #WrapIt  #5000TestChallenge #GetTested #SaferOnlineDating

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