Scene Around Town – Daisy Buchanans, Aria Trattoria, Howl at the Moon and The Greatest Bar



Anyone who knows me, knows how fond of Daisy Buchanans i am. I completely understand that Joe Cimino gave me my start and i owe him a great amount of gratitude .( I worked there for 8yrs) Some might say that Daisy’s has lost it’s fastball the last few years. But what i witnessed the night we won the World Series was the complete opposite of that. I wish i could give you all of the names of all the players that passed thru that shrine of a watering hole that night. I cannot as it would be a complete disservice names i might forget.After that night believe me i forgot a few names.

Let me just say this, EVERYONE was there from players to all the cool people in the city. It was quite a scene (200 ppl waiting outside). So maybe Daisy B’s isn’t throwing 99mph anymore but def still throwing in the mid 90’s.

Joe Cimino has kept the tradition of Daisy’s going for a longtime, with Manager Jason Foti and Micheal Cimino working together to keep the tradition going, Daisy’s is in good hands… ( i really appreciated there hospitality)

New England Patriots running backs Shane Vareen, Steven Ridley and  QB Ryan Mallet were in the North End dining at Aria Trattoria.

We have all heard the crazy stories and seen channel 7 catching Mike Napoli walking around the streets with his shirt off doing his best Marchand / Seguin impressions. We just happened to catch Mike Napoli on a good night hanging with Will Middlebrooks and Jenny Dell at Howl at The Moon this weekend (with his clothes on Lol)..


Look what just popped up on Facebook Napoli again at The Greatest Bar with Billy Fairweather, Jimmy Rooney (owner of The Baseball Tavern), Brian Black,Kevin Tinsley (owner of Barney Fannings) and John Higgins (owner of Higs Tickets) after the Bruins game. Wait a few minutes Tyler Seguin will be right over! (Just joking Tyler some of us miss you in Boston)

Mike Napoli you are a ROCK STAR – BOSTON LOVES YOU…

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