Shipyard Pumpkinhead Sails In to Cabby Shack


Shipyard Pumpkinhead Toasts The Freshest Seafood for Thanksgiving

at Cabby Shack!

pumpkinhead at cabby shack

Celebrate Thanksgiving at The Cabby Shack in Plymouth, Massachusetts!  The Pilgrims landed just a few blocks away in 1620 and started planning their biggest feast ever for Thanksgiving.  So, why not celebrate Thanksgiving here with the un-official beer of Thanksgiving, Shipyard Pumpkinhead, over the best seafood (and bar pizza … no kidding) in America’s home town!  Dirty Water TV hosts Kylie McCoy and Jessica Strohm check out the food, the view, and, of course, the speciality Shipyard Pumpkinhead cocktails.  Happy Thanksgiving!  And if you go to Cabby Shack, make sure to order their bowl of clam chowdah served in a bread bowl … with a side of Pumpkinhead, of course!