Sister C 1 on 1 with Dr. Sarah


Sister C  1 on 1 with Dr. Sarah

docDuring CMA Fest we decided to take  to tape my 1on1 with Dr. Sarah show over at 12th and Porter in Nashville.  I cannot explain how excited we are to show off our set!

Of the six part country music series we have more than just one singer on stage this week!  Boston if you haven’t been listening to Sister C you are certainly missing out!  The C stands for the sister trio that consists of Cirby, Carli, and Celbi Manchaca.   Earlier this year they released their track titled “Faint of Heart” which I heard and just knew I’d have to have them on during our trip!

You certainly don’t want to miss this interview!  We even get to hear a acoustic version of their song titled “This Bar Ain’t Big Enough” and their voices are incredible!

1on1 With Dr. Sarah Presents Sister C from Beautiful Module Productions on Vimeo.