Snow and New Englanders: A Love-Hate Relationship


As New Englanders wake up and begin to dig out their caahs, paahking spots, and apaahtment stairs the grumbles and complaints begin to flow. However, when has it not been cold, snowy and shitty every winter in NE?

Earlier this week, when New England began to learn that we were indeed getting our first big snow the thoughts began to flow. These thoughts were either of ecstasy; bringing us back to our childhood memories of days off, snowball fights and playing in the snow, or of dread; shoveling, spreading salt and being cold.

Whether we like it or not, winter happens every year and with it comes the cliché cold, wet, snowy weather that makes the Northeast (in)famous. But we New Englanders are known for our toughness, and when the weather gets tough, the tough break out the Dunks coffee and excavate their Subarus.

So what is keeping us here? After polling more than 50 hearty New Englanders, 57 percent of people like it, compared to the 19 percent that can’t stand it.

Snow here in new England just gives me a huge hard mega RAGING BONER! and its fucking awesome snow = money,” posted Travis Irish, who has lived in New England more than two decades.

While many are very enthusiastic, others see the frozen water falling from the sky as concentrated frozen evil.

I like it when I’m not forced to venture out in it. It’s so pleasant watching the world get coated in fluffy white when you’re warm & dry,” recalls Becca Hopkins, who has lived in New England for 15 years. “The second I have to set foot outside all of the magic fades.”

Cameron Blair agreed, “I fucking hate [snow] so much.”

Whether we love the snow or hate it winter is here for the next few months so bundle up, sip a cup of hot coffee, and find a way to enjoy the rest of the season!